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Increasing awareness of the detrimental effects, both on the environment and on people, of fast fashion and disposable clothing has prompted many lively discussions around the EHS studio. After 50 years of practicing ancient textile arts like spinning and weaving, often with materials gathered from farms just outside the city-limits, we feel confident in claiming that we were local makers before it was cool.

To highlight our commitment to sustainable fibre arts, our investment in local hand-made economies and our deep knowledge of craft as clothing we are launching The 50 Mile Coat.

This real-time creation of a coat from fibres and materials sourced from within 50 miles will take place from April 23rd to May 15th, 2016 as a part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations. EHS makers will collectively process, dye, spin, weave and sew a coat designed by an EHS member and you’ll be able to watch the whole thing evolve.

Housed at Neilson Park Creative Centre, you are invited to drop by The 50 Mile Coat, chat with the makers and see a local, sustainable garment under construction. We’ll also be posting here on The 50 Mile Coat blog so you can follow the Coat’s process.

Curious what’s happening on the Coat? Visit The 50 Mile Coat schedule here.